The Tuna Club of Tasmania Inc.


Tuna Club Of Tas Committee meetings

Date: The 1st Wednesday each month

Committee Meetings are held at: Either the MYCT Lindisfarne or TCT Club Room EHN

Commencing at: 7.00PM


Members wishing to attend a committee meeting are welcome but should contact the secretary to confirm the venue and date as meetings will be held from time to time at the club rooms.

Phillip Dance President 0419567692
Danni Suttil Vice President 0418136716
Robin Banks Secretary 0419 871 195
Zoe Baker Treasurer 0402076828
Contact Tuna Club Email Contact
John Edwards Committee Member 0427 656 261
Leo Miller Committee Member 0409945669
Justin Direen Committee Member 0458865643
Steve Lichtendonk Committee Member 0409330212
Shane Banks Committee Member 0424278509
Jake Dance Committee Member 0456217343
Mark de jong Committee Member 0438309141
Justin Drysdale Committee Member 0448971405
Mark Watson Committee Member 0409002178
For a Weigh Master Phone Phillip Dance 0419567692
or one of the above committee Danni Suttil 0418136716
Robin Banks 0419 871195
Robin Banks Radio Operator 0419 871 195
Police Radio Room 6230 2111
P O Box 507, Sandy Bay - Tasmania (TAS) Australia
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